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EXCLUSIVE: Carol Anthony opening London restaurant – and her own champagne brand

She came to fame in 2004 with her club track Showdown, but now Carol Anthony is a fully fledged business woman.

The Cork native, who has since landed in the UK music charts and starred in TV3’s Celebrity Salon, is opening an Italian restaurant in London.

Carol, who is dating famous footballer Ian Rush, after a secret affair last year, said she’s excited to open the eatery.

“It’s called Angelo’s, and we’re opening in September,” She told

Carol Anthony aka Havanna parties at Lost Society &  Madison

Music: Carol came to fame as singer Havana | VIPIRELAND.COM

“The restaurant will serve authentic Italian food, with all Italian chefs. It will also be like a live venue.

“It’s a Jazz bar too, so there will be music. It is a restaurant but there is a bar area so people can just pop in for tapas and drinks too,” she explained.

“Ian is really supportive and he’s there for me. He’s going to be there at the launch of course and help me out, he’s been great.

“But I got the lease by myself, it’s all on me,” she said.

The new venue will open in North London in two month’s time. But in the meantime Carol is launching her own brand of champagne with boyfriend Ian.

Guests arrive at the wrap party for Celebrity Salon at Alfies on South William Street

Glamorous: Carol is now a full fledged business woman | VIPIRELAND.COM

The famous footballer and the singer started dating last year after enjoying a secret affair.

“We are launching our own Champagne brand, it’s crazy. There has been lots of champagne tasting, we just signed off on the deal.

“The guy who sells the Ace of Spades champagne is helping, he sells €1,000 a bottle. And it’s really down to the logo and the brand.

“We’re hoping to do something similiar,” she said.

In the meantime Carol has been busy back in the music charts.

The contestants of TV3's Celebrity Salon go for lunch at Wagamama

TV: Carol starred in TV3’s Celebrity Salon | VIPIRELAND.COM

The singer has landed the number 2 spot in the UK charts with her song Bow To The Queen.

“I was asked to release it for Pride, and I just thought it would be a bit of fun. But it’s done so well.

“Honestly though I never take music seriously. I’m a business woman at heart.”


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