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Chris Brown SLAMS nightclub – gets gig shut down


Chris Brown called a nightclub he constantly performs in a racist venue – and they cancelled his residency.

Chris secured a Las Vegas residency at Drai Nightclub last year but now they’ve fired him (no surprise there).

According to a letter sent to Chris’s attorney’s from Drai’s, obtained by TMZ, the established was already concerned with the singer’s recent behavior.

They say Chris “garnered negative public attention” recently. The last straw came with Chris slammed the club on a since-deleted Instagram post.


“(EMPTY)DRAIS has some people working for them that always are on a power trip. Some racist ****. I PACK THIS CLUB OUT EVERY SINGLE TIME MY NAME IS ON THE FLYER. I KEEP THE LIGHTS ON IN THIS PLACE. I ain’t no slave or an employee of this establishment. SO MAKE SURE YOU PUT SOME RESPEK ON MY NAME!” The caption read.

Drai’s was infuriated by this. The venue issued Chris an ultimatum — apologize or you’re out. Chris didn’t apologize.

Chris’s public image has been sullied recently by some of his antics. He trashed a rented villa in Ibiza, called his publicist a bitch, and was accused of beating up his manager, to name a few.