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The BEST reactions to Harry Styles’ baffling blank Instagram posts

It’s been 14 weeks since Harry Styles last posted on Instagram and his return has left fans confused.

The 22-year-old One Direction singer posted three blank white pictures in quick succession on Sunday and people COULDN’T COPE.

In just a few minutes “Ma Harry” (yeah we have no idea either!) was trending on Twitter and fans were trying to figure out what it could all mean.

harry styles - blank instagram pictures - Sept 2016

What’s going on? Harry Styles has left fans confused with his latest Instagram posts – three blank white pictures

Theories range from a reference to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space (is this the return of Haylor?) to artistic Harry simply preparing for a new Instagram theme.

And some people were just too baffled to even try and come up with a theory.

Check out some of the best tweets below…


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