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Angela Lansbury hits out at Beauty And The Beast remake

The actress voiced Mrs. Potts in the 1991 animated movie


Angela Lansbury has hit out at the Beauty And The Beast remake starring Emma Watson.

The animated feature film was released in 1991 and the Murder She Wrote star voiced Mrs. Potts who also sang the movie’s main song, Tale As Old As Time.

“I don’t quite know why they’re doing it,” she said when asked about the live-action remake.


Hit out: Angela admitted she doesn’t understand why they are remaking Beauty And The Beast | WALT DISNEY

However, Angela wasn’t completely against the idea of a remake but admitted she doesn’t understand how they will make Beauty And The Beast better.

“I can’t understand what they’re going to do with it that will be better than what we’ve already done,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“And how they’re doing it live – it may turn out to be very entertaining and wonderful. It won’t be like the cartoon that we did, but it’s a good story — it’s one of the famous fairy stories that is known worldwide by children.

“Therefore, why not? I don’t blame them for doing it. But, I’m sorry, they’re not really on our territory. We did it as cartoon characters, and that is quite different from live actors.”

Beauty And The Beast hits Irish cinemas on the 20th of March 2017.