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Aoibhinn Garrihy: 'I won't rule out return to Fair City'

Actress Aoibhinn Garrihy has revealed she may return to Fair City.

The Dublin star, who has just wrapped filming on season 2 of The Fall, revealed the door is open for her character Neasa Dillon to make a return.

“I would never rule out going back, definitely not, I left in a taxi, Neasa is travelling. So we’ll see,” she said.

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Sisters: Aoibhinn played one of the Dillon sisters

“It was a big decision (to leave) but I’m still a huge fan of the show, I watch it all the time,” she told TV3’s Late Lunch Live.

Aoibhinn left the soap last year, and admitted she used to have fans coming up to her when she went shopping.

“We don’t realise in Dublin how big it is but when you step outside the Pale you could see it.

“I spend a lot of time in Clare and I couldn’t go into Dunnes without being hijacked,”she said.

The Irish Film & Television Academy awards 2014

Hunk: Aoibhinn worked alongside Jamie Dornan in The Fall | VIPIRELAND.COM

To the envy of women all around the world Aoibhinn just finished filming alongside Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan.

The pair filmed scenes together in BBC’s The Fall, but Aoibhinn remained tight-lipped about the actor, only admitting she doesn’t have his phone number.

“I couldn’t say I know him personally, but professionally he works really hard. He just switches it on,” she said.


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