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Zara McDermott reveals she secretly had a boob job last year

Zara McDermott has revealed she secretly had a boob job last year.

The 24-year-old opened up about the surgery in a new YouTube video, and explained she went under the knife back in November.

The former Love Island star said she wanted to wait until she was healed to share the news with her followers.

Zara said she decided to get a breast augmentation after she “lost a bit of weight” about a year and a half ago.

After she lost weight, the Made In Chelsea star said her boobs “weren’t sitting right” in anything, making her feel “insecure”.

Zara also explained one of her boobs was virtually two sizes bigger than the other.

After sharing her YouTube video, the 24-year-old opened up about her experience further during a Q&A on Instagram.


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Explaining why she decided to go under the knife, Zara told fans: “I wanted to add some fullness to the upper part mainly, so yes in a way, but more so I just wanted them to be balanced and symmetrical!”

After another fan asked why she “denied” having surgery for so long, the reality star replied: “Crazy how people wanna assume the worst. I categorically have never once said ‘I haven’t had my boobs done’ to anyone on social media since my surgery.”

“I have only had them done for 12 weeks. I was always planning on talking about it! Just when I was fully healed and feeling happy and confident with the result.”


Zara also revealed she recovered from surgery at her boyfriend Sam Thompson’s house, and said he took great care of her.

When a fan asked if Sam “knew” about the surgery, Zara said: “Yes he did. He also looked after me, dried my hair every day.”

“I called him straight away after I got out but have no collection of the convo lol.”

The couple briefly split last year after it emerged Zara cheated on him the year before, while she appeared on the celebrity version of The X Factor.

Their break up played out on E4’s Made In Chelsea, but they eventually got back together after Zara pleaded for his forgiveness.


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