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Zara McDermott reveals plans to move to LA – following dramatic Sam Thompson split

The reality star admitted it was somewhere she and Sam always considered moving to


Zara McDermott has revealed her plans to move to LA, following her dramatic split from Sam Thompson.

The couple split back in August, after Sam found out Zara had cheated on him during the early stages of their relationship.

Zara has been desperately trying to win Sam back since the split, issuing an apology on social media to the Made in Chelsea star and branding Sam the “love of her life”.

Despite recent rumours that the couple have secretly rekindled their romance, it appears Zara is finally ready to start a new chapter in her life by packing up and moving stateside.


In an exclusive clip for Monday night’s episode of Made In Chelsea obtained by MailOnline, Zara revealed that she’s been signed to a model agency in LA.

Speaking to Tiff Watson, Zara said: “Things in my personal life aren’t great but work is going really good, I’ve just been signed to Storm [Models] in LA.

“So as soon as I can go I’m going to LA!” she revealed, before hinting there might still be hope that Sam could join her.

“Me and Sam have always said we’re going to go [to LA] and do a few months out there and live there for a bit. Maybe on my own. I might have to.”