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Zara Holland ‘pleads guilty’ in court for Barbados ‘fleeing’ incident and handed £4k fine

The Love Island star missed out on a possible jail sentence


Zara Holland has reportedly been given a £4k fine for breaking coronavirus laws in Barbados.

The Love Island star and her boyfriend Elliot Love were detained by officials at Grantley Adams International Airport last week, after they allegedly “tried to flee” the island after Elliott tested positive for Covid-19.

The reality star appeared in court on the Caribbean island today, where she pleaded guilty to one charge of breaching the Barbados’ Covid-19 quarantine protocol, according to the MailOnline.

Zara and her boyfriend Elliott

The 25-year-old was allegedly warned she would be jailed for nine months if she failed to pay the fine of £4,417 (Bajun $12,000) within seven days.

Zara missed out on a possible sentence of one year in jail or an £18,000 fine for the breach.

The news comes after Zara described the incident as a “massive mix up and misunderstanding” in a statement issued by her rep to Barbados Today.

The 25-year-old said: “I firstly want to apologise to the entire country of Barbados for what has been a massive mix up and misunderstanding during my most recent stay.

“I am currently working with the local authorities to rectify any issues on my part and will issue an update and full statement which I think is the only right thing to do to the Government and citizens of Barbados.”

Zara added: “I have been a guest of this lovely island in excess of 20 years and would never do anything to jeopardise an entire nation that I have nothing but love and respect for and which has treated me as a family.”

According to The Sun, the couple were tested for Covid-19 when they arrived in Barbados last Sunday, and were ordered to isolate in their hotel room as they waited on their results.

When Elliott’s test came back positive on Tuesday, the pair were given “red identity wrist bands”, and were told they had to be taken to Paragon Military Base, which is now a coronavirus quarantine centre.

But before officials in hazmat-suits came to escort them, Zara and Elliott allegedly cut off their wristbands, and travelled to the airport.

The couple were then detained at the airport, after hotel staff reportedly found their cut off wrist bands, and called the police.

Zara and Elliott were initially transported to a quarantine facility in northern Barbados, but the model has since been released.

Elliott and Zara