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Will.I.Am hits out at the BBC

The musician blamed the station for the 'slow pace' of the show


Will.I.Am has hit out at the BBC for The Voice’s disappointing ratings last year.

The singing competition has moved to ITV but first aired on the popular British station.

“Did the show need re-energising? Yes, especially after last season,” he said.


Slow: The musician blamed the BBC for the slow pace of the show | BBC

“I didn’t know [when we were filming] last seasons’ that it would be slower. You’re just doing your thing – it’s a normal day at work,” he told the Sun On Sunday.

“And then you watch it and you’re like: ‘Wow, that’s slow.’ It just lost it. After last year I was bored.

“Now, the editing of the show is different, the pacing is different. The only thing that’s the same is the stage and the V for The Voice.”

The Voice continues on TV3 next Saturday from 8pm.