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What’s REALLY going on between Drake and Maya Jama?

The rapper mentions Maya in his new song


Rumours are swirling about Drake and Maya Jama, after he name checked her on his new song Only You Freestyle.

The Canadian rapper raised eyebrows this week, when he referred to Maya as a “sweet one” in the new track.

The Sun has since reported that Drake first reached out to Maya back in 2018, when she was still dating Stormzy.

An insider said: “Drake definitely appeared to have a soft spot for Maya and late in 2018 he started following her on Instagram out of the blue.”

“She totally ignored him and didn’t follow him back as she was with Stormzy.”

“Drake’s got a real reputation as a ladies’ man, and although he’s a huge superstar, Maya wasn’t going to entertain any form of contact,” the source continued.

“Even when she split with Stormzy it’s not something Maya wanted to pursue and she has left it. Now it’s clear both men are still interested, things could get messy.”

Maya split from grime rapper Stormzy last August, after almost five years together.


The 26-year-old later confessed to cheating on her “one reckless night.”

Speaking on BBC Radio 1 Xtra, Stormzy said that he felt like he owed Maya a public apology following their break up.

He said: “It was a hot topic and I’m going on record now and I’m apologising. I’m trying to lay it all bare and be very truthful and be very clear in my truth.”

“I’m not trying to shy away from it. It was a public disrespect. It was a public disrespect that needed a public apology.”


He continued: “That girl gave me the world. I will wholeheartedly say that’s a phenomenal woman that loved man wholeheartedly and was man’s everything.”

“And I disrespected and was inconsiderate – a big disrespect. The least I can do is come out and say, come on. I will say it 100 per cent loud and clear that’s a brilliant woman – we shared something very deep and she loved me wholeheartedly. And man went out and disrespected.”