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WATCH: Michael Caine reveals he was once mistaken for a drug dealer

Michael Caine has shared a hilarious story about the time he was mistaken for a drug dealer.

The actor talked about the incident on The Graham Norton Show, when they were discussing how people do impressions of him by saying “my cocaine”.

“I was making a picture in the Philippines and I’m in Manila and we’re invited to this very, very posh expensive house to a party,” he recalled.

“I’m being introduced to people … and the hostess is standing over there and she’s looking at me rather nastily considering I’m a guest.”

Hilarious: Michael Caine recalled the time he was mistaken for a drug dealer during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show | BBC

Michael revealed that the hostess eventually beckoned him over when he was free, and said, “Are you a drug dealer?”

“When I said, ‘No, why do you ask?’ She said, ‘Why is everyone calling you My Cocaine?’ You know that story is true because you couldn’t make it up.”

Michael, who is currently promoting heist comedy Going In Style with Morgan Freeman, also revealed that Tom Hanks does a fantastic impression of him.

Watch the actor talk about being mistaken for a drug dealer below:


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