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WATCH: Love Island’s Ellie and Charlie explain THAT drunken row

The couple have finally opened up about their public spat


Love Island’s Ellie and Charlie have explained the drunken row they had last Sunday.

The couple have hit back at claims that their relationship is ‘on the rocks’, after their public fight following the Love Island reunion.

The two were seen arguing on the street, and then being taken home in separate taxis.

They appeared on ITN to squash the rumours. Ellie revealed “Basically Charlie got too drunk and [I] was sober.”

She went on, saying “He wasn’t just in trouble with me. He was mortal drunk”.

“I was fuming, ITV were fuming, but we’re okay.”

She continued, saying how all “Couples do have their tiffs. And literally from day one we have not had one day where we haven’t woken up in the same bed together…”

Charlie revealed how he and fellow Islander Frankie had spent the whole day drinking before the live show.

“Me and Frankie had an absolute ball that day!”, to which Ellie responded “but that’s not good when you’re going on live T.V. it’s not what you’re supposed to do”.

“Samira was fuming” Ellie said, shedding light on the reason behind the cold atmosphere between the two couples on the show.

“Frankie held it together better than me” Charlie added. “That’s why I wasn’t allowed to speak.”

We’re certainly glad these two patched things up.