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WATCH: Love Island stars tricked into promoting fake beauty brand by YouTube prankster

This is too funny!


YouTube prankster JaackMaate has revealed that he tricked a number of Love Island stars into promoting a fake beauty brand.

In a new YouTube video, the prankster told fans how he managed to get Luke Trotman, Siannise Fudge, Ollie Williams and Sherif Lanre to promote a bogus beauty brand called JAQ Mait Cosmetics.

In turn, the reality stars unknowingly promoted his YouTube channel, Jaack Maate.

Love Island 2019 star Sherif, who famously got kicked out of the villa, was the first star to agree to the supposed brand deal.

In his video, Sherif said: “Now when I tell you this formula that they’ve got this idea, it’s crazy, it’s rare for me to find a cream that doesn’t clog up your pores. It’s unisex, which is a plus. Boys and girls can try it, give it a go … I’m Sherif, and I love JaackMaate.”

Luke T and Siannise, who came second on the winter version of Love Island in January, also agreed to promote JAQ Mait Cosmetics.

In their video, the couple congratulated Jack on his new business venture by saying: “Hey Jack! Massive massive congrats on launching your new moisturising cream.”

Siannise said: “We’ve heard it is absolutely amazing. We’ll have to try it out!”

Jack also paid the stars extra to “mug off” his YouTube rival Keemstar.

Finally, Jack tricked controversial Love Island star Ollie Williams to endorse his fake product.

In his video, Ollie says: “Hey guys! I’ve just been sent this incredible moisturising cream by JAQ Mait, designed by Greg Paul – he’s an award winning fragrance designer.”

“I highly recommend it. Really, really quality stuff. Makes my skin feel amazing, I have good skin anyway but, er, this helps even more… I love JAQ Mait!”

Jack said Ollie had been his “number one target from the start”, and was delighted he managed to trick him.


The video started trending on Twitter last night, after Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague slammed the YouTuber for using her image for the thumbnail.

The 20-year-old, who didn’t fall for the fake beauty brand prank, tweeted: “I have never promoted this brand. You also do not have permission to use this imagery.”

The news comes just weeks after Molly-Mae and her boyfriend Tommy Fury were tricked into thinking they were on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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