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WATCH: Gary Barlow falls ill during live TV interview with Angela Scanlon


Gary Barlow fell ill during a live TV interview with Angela Scanlon last night.

The singer appeared on BBC’s The One Show with his Take That bandmates, but suddenly walked off during their interview after admitting that he didn’t feel well.

The band were on the programme to promote their upcoming tour and new album, Wonderland.

But, when asked by host Richard Osman if they had anything special planned for their tour, Gary started to answer but then said, “Can I leave you guys to it? I don’t feel very well, excuse me,” and walked off.


Irish presenter Angela Scanlon then asked him, “Are you alright?” as he continued to walk off set.

The interview went on without Gary but it was clear that Donald and Owen were distracted as they said, “It feels a bit weird now that Gaz is just not feeling himself.”

Although Gary wasn’t feeling well, he returned just a few minutes later to perform their new single, We Are Giants.

After the show, Gary took to Twitter to explain that he was absolutely fine, but that he thought he was going to faint during their interview.

“Thank you all for the messages. I’m absolutely fine. We had a very hot dressing room and I thought I was gong to faint on live TV!” he wrote.

Making light of the situation, Angela Scanlon also took to social media to say, “Last nights show reminds me why I LOVE live tele. Thanks @officialgarybarlow for keeping Osman & I on our toes! Glad you’re feeling better xx.”