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Vinnie Jones admits he ‘still cries every day’ – one year after losing his beloved wife Tanya

The former footballer's wife died last July following a battle with skin cancer


Vinnie Jones has admitted he still cries “every day” – one year after losing his wife Tanya to skin cancer.

The 55-year-old was married to Tanya for 25 years before she sadly passed away last July.

Speaking to the Mirror ahead of her anniversary on Monday, Vinnie said: “I still cry every day. I’ve only just lost her.”

“It’s the celebration of her life on Monday, and to be honest I hope I never stop crying.”

“I’m not rolling around on the floor bawling my eyes out but what’s happened has brought out emotions in me that maybe I didn’t think I had…,” he continued.

“Sometimes during the day ­something strange will trigger it. It’ll be a jolt, and my eyes will water up. She’s with me all the time, I know she is. I feel I’ve got a guiding hand on my shoulder. That’s how I’ll continue to live my life.”

Tanya initially beat cancer after she was first diagnosed with melanoma in 2013.

However, her cancer later returned and she sadly passed away at the age of 53 last year.