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Viewers think that THIS Love Island couple will be voted off

The contestants must vote on who is least compatible.


On tonight’s episode of Love island, the contestants will be asked to vote for the the couple who hey feel is least compatible with one another.

The couple with the most votes will be at risk of being booted off the competition.

Last night, viewers watched a boys choice recoupling go down.

From ITV Studios
Anna Vakili.

Danny and Yewande coupled up, as did Michael and Amber.

Anton coupled up with new girl Elma, while Tommy chose to remain coupled up with Molly-Mae for another week.

Joe chose Lucie to remain paired with, as did Curtis and Amy.

New girl Maura and alum Anna were left without a partner, but were told they would be whisked away on dates with new male entries Tom and Jordan.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep4 on ITV2

The revelation was made that the couples would be voting a pair off the following evening, and Twitter erupted in reactions, with viewers naming one couple in particular as their favourites to get the boot.

Earlier in last night’s episode, Joe chastised Lucie for talking to boxer Tommy Fury, despite her insistence that they are just friends.

Many viewers have been taking issue with Joe’s behavior towards Lucie in recent weeks, labeling it “controlling” and “gaslighting.”

His annoyance at her discussion with Tommy seems to be the last straw for viewers, as many named Joe and Lucie as the couple to leave.

This is a far cry from the beginning of the competition, when Jucie was the favourite couple to win.

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