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Vicky Pattison wins praise for ‘raw and honest’ documentary about alcoholism

Vicky Pattison has won praise for sharing a “raw and honest” documentary about alcoholism, and how it has affected her life since she was a child.

In the Channel 4 documentary, titled ‘Vicky Pattison: Alcohol, Dad And Me’, the reality star opened up about growing up with a functioning alcoholic father, and how it has affected her own relationship with booze.

During the emotional programme, Vicky told her dad John she’s worried he will die before she has children.

Vicky said: “I really want to be a mam. I really want to have kids. I want my kids to meet you.”

“I’m so worried dad that that if you don’t stop drinking, and you don’t get a proper handle on it, that you won’t meet them. That really scares us. I can’t go through it anymore.”

John replied: “There’s days I know I won’t be able to walk past the booze shop.”

“It would be a lie if I say I’ll never drink again to you. I’ll try my absolute hardest.”


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The documentary revealed John was always a heavy drinker, but alcohol “really started to win” when he retired eight years ago.

Vicky also shared her dad, now 63, is still drinking despite trying various forms of therapy, including AA.

The emotional programme aired on Tuesday night, and the former Geordie Shore star has won a lot of praise online for sharing her complicated history with alcohol.

Viewers commended how relatable it was, and thanked Vicky for shedding light on the devastating impact addiction can have on families.

In a post shared on Instagram today, Vicky thanked fans for their kind messages of support.

She wrote: “Recover is not a race. It is a daily battle that a lot of people will never understand. They will assume those suffering are selfish and seek to distance themselves from the inevitable chaos that addiction brings…”

“I am forever grateful to @channel4 and @firecrackerfilms for taking a chance on me and allowing me to and my dad to make this documentary.”

“I had a firm belief that this documentary needed to be made, that it would help people, make people feel less alone… I had no idea that it would end up saving me from myself,” she continued.


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“Thank you everyone for your gorgeous messages of support and kindness. I knew this was going to resonate with people but I genuinely had no idea how many people have been affected by alcoholism…”

“It just further reaffirms my belief that we need to talk more openly and candidly about addiction and our experiences with it.”

“Finally I just wanted to say that I love my dad more than anything in the world and I’m so proud of him for being for honest, raw and above all else incredibly brave. You’re amazing @johnpattison58,” she added.


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