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Vicky Pattison plans to ‘freeze eggs’ to relieve the pressure of starting a family

"'I don’t want the door to close"


Vicky Pattinson has opened up about the pressure to start a family.

The reality TV star admitted to her mother that she is considering freezing her eggs to relieve the pressure she feels to start a family.

On her show Vicky Pattison: No Filter, the star explained: “I have never, ever known a fella worry about having kids. But women, God, I don’t know how many women I’ve had that conversation with,” she said.


“I am going to want to have kids in the next five to 10 years. I didn’t want kids and I was adamant I didn’t, but I feel like what would my future be without them?”

“I don’t want the door to close” she said.

The star revealed that she has a plan in place to take the pressure off.

Photo by Dave Benett

“There’s options. So, I can freeze my eggs. I just think it’ll take a little bit of pressure off the way I’m feeling.”

“I’d love to have children the traditional way, I’m just taking precautions.”

The star is currently loved up with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan, and the pair have moved in together.