TOWIE star Vas J Morgan slams Love Island’s Connor Durman for posting ‘bogus apology’

The reality star recently apologised for making racist comments in the past


TOWIE star Vas J Morgan has slammed Connor Durman for posting a “bogus apology”, after he sent a series of racist texts to his ex-girlfriend Stevie-Leigh Pich.

The Love Island star recently apologised for making racist comments in the past amid the Black Lives Matter movement, but Vas wasn’t impressed by his social media statement.

Taking to Instagram, Vas posted a text exchange between Connor and Stevie-Leigh, and in the messages, Connor criticises her for “liking” black men.


Vas captioned the post: “Firstly, I would like to make it clear that I am NOT posting these messages to shame @connordurman or prompt more hate. I want to enforce that men like this do not need trolling, they need educating. I am posting these messages because you don’t get to apologize without context and get sympathy.”


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“This was NOT a heated argument with an ex girlfriend, this was a racist attack that you launched MANY times on MANY occasions. And not just with her,” he continued.

“You don’t get to say ‘you’ve changed’ and that ‘you’re sorry’ just because you got caught. If you’re really sorry. Please explain what you’ve done to educate yourself, what prompted this change? How have you changed? What exactly have you learned? Have you apologized personally to the girl who received these messages?”

Vas wrote: “I’ve had these messages for a while and was going to ignore them until your bogus public apology brought back so much trauma from the many times I’ve heard my white girlfriends be told similar things, from the many conversations I heard on set of TOWIE with similar context.”

“So to my white male friends. You’ll know who you are. Me allowing this to slide ENDS NOW! if we’re Grimm and disgusting to you. That includes me. No I’m not ‘different’ to the rest I’m a proud black man, it’s time for you to see that. Because we have had enough.”

“To Connor, you don’t just get to apologize when you got caught. I want to know exactly what you’re doing to make a difference and to support BLM. I would like to reiterate. Please do not abuse this man. Educate him. Black Lives Matter,” he added.

Earlier this week, Connor issued an apology on social media, after the texts between him and his ex started circulating online.

He said: “During my time in lockdown and seeing the BLM movement it has given me time to reflect on my past and comments made during a heated conversation between myself and my ex girlfriend before my time in Love Island in 2019.”

“Firstly I would like to say I’m extremely sorry for my inappropriate and racist remarks written in the message…. The movement has my full support and it’s helped educate me personally along with millions globally, which I believe is one of the many changes the BLM movement are protesting for.”


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“Finally, I would like to add because of the BLM movement, I plan to use my influence and social platforms positively, expressing in line with the peaceful protests that it is time for a permanent change.”

The news comes after Vas recently accused TOWIE bossies of “systematic racism”, as he claimed he was treated differently to his white cast mates.

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