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Top influencer P. Louise reveals she was ‘held up at knife point with sledgehammers’ during lockdown

This is awful!


Top British influencer P. Louise has revealed she was “held up at knifepoint” in her own home – during lockdown in the UK.

The millionaire social media star, who has her own makeup brand, told her Instagram followers that three men in balaclavas came to her house and demanded money after disabling her security system.

“Just a heads up I’ve just been held up, literally at knife-point for my stuff. And this is what happens when you make money,” she revealed on her Instagram stories.

Paige Louise is a multi-millionaire

“I’ve got a child in the house and they held me up with sledgehammers.”

Sounding shaken and upset, the beauty guru revealed she was moving out of her house after the horrific ordeal and asked her followers to send in tips if they knew who had broken in.

P. Louise, who’s real name is Paige Louise, also told her followers that her 9-year-old brother was also held up in the robbery.

The entrepreneur explained that the thieves stole her Rolex watches, but said she was more upset about her “little brother being slung into another room” during the attack.

Footage: She shared CCTV on her Instagram

“To be held up in front of my little brothers, over money, I just think it’s f***ing disgraceful,” she cried on her stories.

Paige later wrote that she believed “someone close” to her had leaked her address “because I don’t show anyone where I live,” she explained.

“I’m no longer going to be active on my personal social,” she told her 324k followers.

“I have a family to protect. Thank you for your messages,” she added.

She then uploaded footage from her CCTV, showing the masked men entering her home.

The 27-year-old reportedly pulls in £6 million a year, thanks to her cosmetics brand.

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