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Tom Parker receives cruel message from online troll amid his cancer battle

The Wanted star was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour last year


Tom Parker has shared a cruel message he received from an online troll amid his cancer battle.

Back in October, the singer told fans that he had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, and he has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The Wanted star took to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday to share a photo of medication he was taking amid his treatment, writing: “Cycle 3 of beating cancer’s a**”.

Tom returned to his Stories later that day after receiving a vile message from a troll, who wrote: “Nobody has ever beat what you have. You can fight like hell, but it will get you.”

Sharing the screenshot, Tom wrote in reply: “What the f*** is wrong with some people… Idiot Bruv!!!”

“Yeah well. Watch me beat it d*** stain!!!” he added.

In a video, he said: “I’m more sad about that post that someone put. Like I’m not even bothered about what they actually said. The fact that they’ve gone out of their way to say that is just ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense. Why would you do that?”

It comes after Tom’s former The Wanted co-star Max George revealed doctors have been “shocked” by how well Tom has responded to treatment for his terminal brain tumour.

Speaking on the Dangerous Dinners podcast back in April, Max said: “Tom’s got something called glioblastoma, which is quite an aggressive form of brain tumour, but he’s had his first bout of chemo and radio therapy, which he has responded to unbelievably.”

“Doctors were actually shocked by how well he’s responded – all of his tumours have been suppressed, so he’s in the best hands.”


“In himself, Tom… Nothing puts Tom down, nothing. When you talk to him it’s like everything’s normal, and he just wants that – he wants normality.”

“He’s just had his second child, so he’s got so much to focus on – he’s doing great, he’s doing really well.”

Max added: “Tom will be fine, it’s a horrible thing to happen to anyone and I can’t think of anyone who deserves it less than Tom, but he’s dealing with it. And I’m really proud of him for how he’s dealing with it.”

The Wanted split back in 2014

“We’re trying to bring more awareness to the science behind it, because there’s new treatments happening all the time with this.”

“So to an extent, it is right [that there’s no cure] but he’s reacting so well to treatment so hopefully something comes along and it can be cured – that’s the end goal.”