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Tom Hardy opens up on addiction: ‘Before 25 I don’t remember anything’

The actor's addiction was fuelled by fear


Tom Hardy has opened up on his struggle with addiction, admitting he has memory before the age of 25 because he used to be a drinker.

The Brit opened up about his alcohol and drug addiction and reportedly had said he would have “sold my mother for a rock of crack.”

“Before 25, for me, I don’t remember anything. I genuinely used to be a drinker. A proper one,” he said.


Drinker: Tom opened up about his struggle with addiction | UNIVERSAL PICTURES

The actor is clean now but praised his mother for keeping things together during the time.

“I wasn’t playing around. I enjoyed it and was very good and became so good that I no longer do it. That means I black out a lot of stuff,” he told The Sunday Times Magazine.

“So I’m sure I was an irascible pain in the ass growing up – my mum did the lion’s share of making sure that everything was held together.”

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Fear: The Brit has channelled his fear into his acting instead of his addiction | FOX

Tom believes his past addictions were fuelled by fear, but he’s now channelled that fear into his acting.

“My relationship to [fear] has completely changed. Fear is a primary colour in my palette for work.

“It’s a strong suit for me – ‘Ok, I’ve identified that’s a fear issue, brilliant. So I will dive into it now.’

“Whereas before, I didn’t know what it was. I was growing up – you don’t get a guidebook.

“Drinking, I don’t fear anything, I can talk to girls – until I’m horizontal on the floor at the party or wherever. I’ve always gone a bit too far with my relationship with fear.

“So in work I probably go a bit too far there, too.”