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Three women apologise to Wayne Rooney over hotel room photos

Three women who took photos of Wayne Rooney while he was asleep in a hotel room over the weekend have issued an apology.

The images were widely circulated online over the past few days, showing the former footballer slumped over in a chair.

According to reports, the photos were taken on Saturday night, after he allegedly met the group in Manchester’s Chinawhite nightclub.


A spokesman for Wayne has since told MailOnline that the three women have reached out to apologise, and have handed over the copyright of the photos for just £1.

He said: “The three girls who took the photographs contacted Wayne’s lawyers and volunteered to hand over all pictures that were taken that night and the copyrights in them.”

“They have also, at their own suggestion, made a written apology to him for the events that took place and the embarrassment caused. These were three decent young women who went for a night out.”

“They did not expect Wayne to end up in their company and are remorseful about how things turned out with the pictures.”

Wayne and his wife Coleen

“They got carried away and did something they later regretted. They did not expect it to end up in the mainstream media after it was posted on social media and they decided to take steps to put things right,” he continued.

“It would be wrong to say no money changed hands because when a contract is drawn up there must be a sum and in this case it was a nominal £1.”

“They have fulsomely apologised because they wanted to do what they saw as the right thing and draw a line under the matter.”


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