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This is what’s REALLY going on between Paige Thorne and Jacques O’Neill

Jacques O’Neill and Paige Thorne have sparked rumours they’ve rekindled their romance.

The Love Island stars have recently attended a number of the same events, and earlier this month, they were spotted cosying up at an event in Manchester.

The news came after the Welsh paramedic admitted that she’s back in contact with her villa flame, and that they were “seeing where things go”.

A new report has since claimed that Paige and Jacques are “having a bit of fun” together.

A source told The UK Sun: “Paige and Jacques clearly got on really well with each other on the show.”

“They have hung out whenever they see each other and one thing has led to another.”

“It’s all just a bit of fun at the moment, but they have both said ‘never say never’.”

From Lifted Entertainment

Last month, during her appearance on the Saving Grace podcast, Paige admitted that she’s back “in contact” with Jacques.

The Welsh paramedic told the host Grace Keeling: “There has been slight contact. No contact with the lips. Let’s not forget how this boy done me in Casa [Amor].”

“Obviously we had a vibe in there. But he done me over. Dickhead. Fine. But we’re just going to see where things go. I am in zero rush to be with a man because men are trash.”

However, in a later interview with Cosmopolitan UK, the 24-year-old insisted that she and Jacques were “just friends”.

From Lifted Entertainment

Paige told the publication: “It’s spreading that me and Jacques are back in contact, and we’re going to be ‘reunited’ and all this kind of thing. We’ve literally had one conversation on the phone. It’s just friends.”

“Everyone can chill out with the speculation that ‘Paige and Jack, she’s gonna go back to him’. It’s not quite like that. We’re just friends.”

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Jacques then admitted he still has feelings for the Paige, but insisted they are just friends at the moment.

The rugby player said: “I have no bad blood about her at all and she has nothing against me whatever happened happened it was on a show and it’s been done.”

“Whenever I see Paige I am going to speak to the girl,” Jacques continued. “I’ve got nothing against her. She’s a lovely girl and I’m always gonna care for her. It’s as simple as that.”

“Once you have feelings for someone it doesn’t just go, you’re always going to care for them no matter what, so that’s how I see Paige right now.”

Jacques continued: “She’s getting a lot of hate and bad press, but if we’ve got each other to look out for each other why would we not, because we’re actually good people. So it’s just normal to be nice to each other.”

“She’s been done over badly by you know someone, so I’m going to have her back when she’s been treated badly by a bloke like that.”

Paige and Jacques

Paige and Jacques were coupled up on Love Island 2022, before Jacques sensationally decided to quit the show.

The 23-year-old promised to wait for Paige outside the villa; however, she grew close to the “ultimate bombshell” Adam Collard.

Adam and Paige placed fifth on the show, narrowly missing out on a coveted spot in the grand final.

The pair have since parted ways, after their relationship hit the rocks back in September when a video of Adam cosying up to a mystery blonde in McDonald’s went viral.

Paige and Adam

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