Stephen Bear THREATENS ex Charlotte Crosby and her family in bizarre rant

The reality star has claimed that his girlfriend owes him money

Stephen Bear has continued to threaten his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby and her family, over money he’s allegedly owed.

Taking to Instagram, the reality star shared a series of bizarre videos in which he held a puppet, named Philpè, who he pretended was his ‘lawyer’.

In the videos, Bear claimed that Charlotte’s father tried to nab part of his share in he and Charlotte’s joint fashion brand, His and Hers.

Despite Charlotte coming out to say that her lawyers are now involved after Stephen made the first claims on Monday, the 28-year-old has continued his crusade against her and her family.

#heresmylegalteam #onabearhunt #wheresbearsmoney?????

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Meeting ajerned ????????

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Using the hashtags #payupcharlotteandfamily and #wheresbearsmoney, Bear said, “We’ve got some news for you Gary Crosby – this is what happens when you try and touch Stephen Bear’s money….”

“At one time you tried to take 1% of my 50% so you lot will be majority shareholders and I told Charlotte at the time but she don’t understand businessmen. That’s why I say no. Embarrass yourself because tomorrow at 4 he wants it to really blow up.”

In another video, Bear continued, “I can’t believe what’s gone on tonight. I’ve managed to get into the emails, get the Instagram back with me it’s principle the mum and dad aint getting money and now im reading articles that it’s not even my company…”

“Me and Charlotte used to have arguments and she’d say you’ll never get one penny alright babe whatever but they truly mean it and it’s got to a point where it’s Stephen Bear time and all I say is the truth.”

“I’ll get my money back and everyone who I’ve ever worked for knows I’ll always get my money back. I want fairness. I don’t want anything extra I want what I’m owed. You’ve pushed me to this and it’s such a bad move it’s embarrassing. Namaste.”

On the next video, Stephen added the caption, “Everyone look at Stephen Bear … peoples comments will never effect me.

“You play with my money that’s when we fall out . And the lesson in life is , like I always said .. You can’t trust anyone I havnt even got into second gear yet #payupcharlotteandfamily #hisandhers @hisandhersstore.”

Call me what you want . It’s business .. ???? @hisandhersstore

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“So phillipe my lawyer has advised me to cease all training on His And Hers Limited as director no more items are being sold. Make sure to tune in tomorrow for where’s Bear’s money.

Another caption read, “For now @hisandhersstore will officially stop trading . Philpè, Stephen Bears Lawer has told him to stop until he receives half his money… so far Stephen Bear hasn’t received 1p from the company. Kind regards, Philipè (Lawyer for Stephen Bear).”

Charlotte and Bear set up the company in January 2016, which sells a range of personalised merchandise for couples, including jumpers, bags and phone cases.

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