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Stephanie Davis ‘targeted’ by cyber-stalker who faked romance online

The reality star has contacted the police


Stephanie Davis has reportedly been “targeted” by a cyber-stalker who has faked an online romance with her.

The 24-year-old has reportedly contacted the police, after the troll created false Facebook screengrabs to appear to be in a relationship with her.

“There is absolutely no truth in these messages, Steph doesn’t know this person and is increasingly feeling targeted by them,” a source told The Mirror Online.

“She is looking forward to going back to work and putting everything behind her. She wants to work and will do anything to look after her son, she just wants this person to leave her alone.”

The source added that the mother-of-one hasn’t used her account for weeks, and that the stalker couldn’t have targeted her at a worse time, as she prepares to make a comeback to work after several months off.

The news comes just days after the former Hollyoaks actress lashed out at her ex Jeremy McConnell after he sent a birthday message to their son Caben on social media.

“Happy birthday son shame I can’t be there see you soon,” Jeremy wrote.

After Stephanie became aware of Jeremy’s note, she posted on Instagram writing, “PLEASE don’t act father of the year when you haven’t paid one penny towards your son you have never asked about him or asked to see him.”

Credit: Instagram @stephaniedavis88

“This for everyone to know is another typical mind game to gain publicity (of any kind as that’s what you crave) You are no role model to your son so don’t act like you give a damn!! As if you did you would have been there in his life!!”

“Not partying and being a total disgrace. your behaviour is a reflection of that. Please no one buy into his bull. No Christmas present or birthday LET ALONE A CARD!! So drop the act! Now to continue enjoying my boys day who I raised ALONE don’t pretend you care now. Disgusting using your son. Shame on you!”

Stephanie and Jeremy’s public feud comes after Jeremy was released from prison after serving just 34 days behind bars for missing community service.