Stacey Solomon left in shock after Michelle Obama shares ‘tribute’ to her on Instagram

"I'm 100% sure this queen has no idea who I am!"


Stacey Solomon was left in utter shock after Michelle Obama shared a ‘tribute’ to her online.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the former First Lady shared a number of handwritten thank you notes to frontline workers around the world.

One of the tributes included a fan tribute to the Loose Women star.


The first letter shared was by a child thanking her mother, who works for the NHS as a nurse.


“Dear Mum, This coronavirus has everyone going crazy. However, we wouldn’t be getting through it without nurses like you on the NHS. Well done for being so strong,” the note read.

“Tomorrow is a new day, get some sleep, relax and let Stacey Solomon get you giggling, we love you!”

Stacey’s fans were quick to see the shoutout and started tagging the 30-year-old in the Instagram post.

The mother-of-three re-posted the note on her Instagram story this morning.


“So many of you are tagging me in this…. Me and Hoe [her partner Joe Swash] can’t stop laughing that I’m on Michelle Obama’s grid,” she admitted.

“I’m 100% sure the queen has no idea who I am but it’s made my day none the less.”

The former X Factor contestant was also eager to find out who sent the message, so she could thank them for their kind words.