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Stacey Solomon gets emotional on son’s birthday – as she reflects on being a teen mum

The 31-year-old became pregnant with her first child when she was 17


Stacey Solomon has reflected on her experience as a teen mum, as she celebrated her son Leighton’s birthday.

The Loose Women panelist took to her Instagram Stories to share a sweet video of her eldest son Zachary, who she became pregnant with when she was 17, giving his brother a hug on his 9th birthday.

The former X Factor star wrote: “Happy Birthday Leighton. Zach’s cuddle in this has properly set me off this morning.”

“I need to stop watching that video back of Zach cuddling Leighton,” she said later. “I am clearly overtired but this is making me an emotional wreck.”

“I keep thinking about when I got pregnant with Zachy and people used to tut at me ‘baby with a baby’ and literally tell me to my face what a terrible decision I’d made and how I’d be bringing the child into the world who will be so unhappy,” Stacey recalled.

“I’m so lucky I had my family who supported me. I think about those left alone to do it without any support all of the time. You are amazing…”

“I look at them all now and how kind and caring they are. And it just makes me want to cry my eyes out. I mean they fight and argue and dodge the shower but they’re good people and that’s all I’ve ever wanted. My biggest achievement ever.”

“I NEED TO GO TO BED,” she added.

Paying tribute to Leighton on his birthday, Stacey wrote: “Have such a special happy day little one. Thank you for being such an amazing son.”

“I love you to the moon and back. Always and forever. I promise I’ll make you the birthday table and the cake will be a proper one not a piggy roll and tea lights when you’re home from school.”

“Mummy loves you for not minding that she didn’t get around to it yet.”

Stacey welcomed her sons Leighton and Zachary in previous relationships.

The 31-year-old shares 1-year-old Rex with her fiancĂ© Joe Swash, who she is planning on marrying this summer in the garden of their home ‘Pickle Cottage’.

Joe is also the father of Harry, who he shares with ex Emma Sophocleous.