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Spencer Matthews reveals he never took any relationships seriously – until he met Vogue Williams

"She makes me a much better version of myself..."


Spencer Matthews has gushed about his special relationship with his wife Vogue Williams.

The couple appeared on The Independent’s dating and relationships podcast Millennial Love, and the former Made in Chelsea star revealed his relationship with Vogue is the first one he’s ever “taken seriously”.

When asked what they’ve learned from their past relationships, Spencer said: “It’s hard for me to say really, I’ve never taken any relationship seriously apart from this one.”

“I’d never given any thought to getting married, ever, apart from Vogue.”


He explained: “And I don’t want to put my exes all together but I was always just young and having fun with them and living our… I was going to say best life – low. But I was always just having fun and out and about and working, doing whatever.”

“But when I met Vogue is when something went off in my mind and I became a far more serious person. She makes me a much better version of myself.”

Looking back at her past relationships, Vogue said: “I found it that I had a pattern that I was going for and I found out what that pattern was and I just cut it off and I stopped going for guys in that pattern and then I was delighted with myself being single.”


“And then I met Spencer who was completely different to all those other guys. He had his stuff together and he didn’t need me to help with anyone and I didn’t need to put myself second, he’s really supportive. It was just very different and easy.”

The couple’s E4 reality show, ‘Spencer, Vogue and Wedding Two’, returns to our screens on Monday.