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Spencer Matthews makes heartbreaking confession as he opens up about the death of his late brother

Spencer Matthews has opened up about the death of his late brother Michael, who tragically died descending Mount Everest back in 1999.

The former Made In Chelsea star was just 10-years-old when his brother, who was 22 at the time, died on the mountain – after becoming the youngest Brit to reach the summit.

Speaking on his new podcast, Big Fish, Spencer told Ant Middleton: “I never really processed Mike’s death until just now.”

Spencer and his brothers Michael and James

“He died in 1999, you know, 23 years ago. And he was 22, the youngest Brit to reach the summit. And I was 10. So, to me, losing him was not something I fully understood,” he explained.

“Mike was my superhero figure in my life. I just assumed he’d come back, I didn’t believe that he was dead for a period of time.”

“And you know, as time passed, I understood I would never see him again. I’ve always had this burning desire to find him. And obviously I understood through my teenage years, how complicated that would be.”

“I’m not a particularly externally emotional person. I can’t really remember the last time I cried. I’m a very black and white character who just deals with issues when I face them.”

Earlier this year, Spencer filmed a documentary called Finding Michael, in which he trekked to Mount Everest and retraced his brother’s last steps before he tragically died.

Michael Matthews became the youngest man in Britain to climb Mount Everest when he reached its summit on May 13, 1999.

However on his way down, the 22-year-old disappeared into a snow storm and was never found again.

Michael Middleton died in 1999

In Finding Michael, Spencer will set out to find his brother’s last known location and see if there’s any chance of finding his body 23 years after the expedition.

Speaking about the documentary, which will premiere on Disney+ early next year, Spencer said he was grateful for the support of his wife Vogue Williams.

The 34-year-old married the Irish TV presenter in 2018, and the couple share three children together – Theodore, 4, Gigi, 2, and Otto, six months.

Spencer said: “Otto was five days old when I left for Everest for five weeks. I had nothing but support from Vogue.”

“Vogue was so on board with it and so proud that we were doing it.”

“And she feels really close to Michael having never met him, of course, and was deeply emotionally touched by the whole thing.”


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