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Shaughna Phillips hits back at claims she edited recent bikini photo

Shaughna Phillips has hit back at claims she edited her recent bikini photo.

The 25-year-old, who rose to fame on the winter edition of Love Island, appeared on the dating show’s spinoff Aftersun last week.

After posting a snap of her in a bikini, one fan noted that she looked “a bit different” in the photo than she did on TV.


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The fan wrote: “What size are u now u look so good on these pics on love island after sun u did look abit different with your weight I’m not judging I’ve just saw people say your editing your pics?”

Shaughna replied: “Honestly I saw aftersun the next day and wanted to scream. I was wearing a ruched dress that is fab for standing or dancing but sitting down not so good.”

“Also as it was live TV we literally watched England’s last penalty and then ran on set ready to go live, I wasn’t able to look in a mirror or fix my dress, I wasn’t able to sit down and reposition my dress to look more flattering, it was literally run, sit down and action!”

“So I think this is actually a perfect example of same body, different clothes / different situation. The time difference between aftersun and this picture is literally a week, I’m the same size in both (10/12), so let’s just live our livesssssssss!”

“So what if I look podgy in one picture, look skinny in one picture, look curvy in another, SO BLADDDYYYYY WHATTTTTTTT,” she added.


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