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Sam Faiers finally reveals whether she’s returning for TOWIE reunion

There will be a ten-year reunion of the hit ITV show later this year


Sam Faiers has revealed that she will not attend the ten-year reunion of The Only Way Is Essex this year.

The 29-year-old starred on the hit show for four years, but has decided not to attend the event alongside co-stars such as Mark Wright and Joey Essex.

“I won’t be getting involved because, to be honest, it’s like I’m at a completely different stage in my life now,” she told The Sun.


“I don’t even know what I would do on there any more,” she continued.

“I’ve got my own life with my kids, and TOWIE is ten years ago for me. You just can’t compare my life then to my life now.”

“If someone had said to me back then, in ten years, you’re going to have your own long-running TV show and loads of ­lucrative endorsements, I would have just laughed and said, ‘Yeah right!’”


Sam added: “Obviously ten years ago, when I first started TV, I was only 19 so it was fun, I had nothing to lose. It was a bit of an experience, I suppose.”

“Being on The Only Way Is Essex was my first big thing I’d ever done and it was so successful and so great but if someone had told me when I was 19 that ten years later I’d be ­living the life I am now …”

“Now, I look back and think, ‘I did have the best time ever’, but I was quite smart and clever with jobs, in terms of investments and buying my first house and stuff like that.”


The mother-of-two said she still remains in contact with some of the girls from the show: “I said to the girls, ‘Let’s do a quiz — something a bit of fun to do’. Because all us girls, we’ve got a group chat on WhatsApp, and ­obviously we all miss each other.”

“Most of my friends are now mums as well, so we’re all in the same boat.”

“The quizzes went on for about two hours. I think I had maybe three or four glasses of wine.

“But that was quite nice to relax. Some of the ­questions are ridiculous, but it’s just nice to laugh with your friends.”


Sam starred in 11 series’ of the reality show starting in August 2010, before branching out with her older sister Billie in 2016 with Mummy Diaries.

Sam shares two children with her partner Paul Knightley – Paul Tony and Rosie.

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