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Roxanne Pallett considers getting a ‘normal job’ – following Celebrity Big Brother controversy

The actress was caught up in a huge scandal last year


Roxanne Pallett has reportedly decided to look for a ‘normal job’, following her controversial appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’

The 36-year-old actress has kept out of the spotlight since she wrongfully accused her housemate Ryan Thomas of punching her – which caused serious backlash.

A source has since told ‘OK! Magazine’ that Roxanne’s return to TV is questionable.

“Rox knows a TV comeback is not going to happen anytime soon, if ever. But eventually she’s going to need to work again and is now thinking about where that next cheque will come from,” they claimed.

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“She would like to just get a normal job but she’s still too recognizable for that at the moment so she’s having to be a bit more careful with her spending.”

Roxanne accused Ryan of ‘repeatedly punching her in the ribs’, and called him a ‘woman beater’ after he playfully hit her as a joke.

After leaving the house, Roxanne faced serious backlash, and she eventually admitted that she was wrong.

Speaking to the show’s host Emma Willis, Roxanne confessed, “I needed to come and tell everyone that I got it wrong, I’m human, I made a massive, massive, horrible mistake.”