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Robbie Williams reveals he’s forming a new band – 25 years after quitting Take That

The singer famously left Take That back in 1995


Robbie Williams has revealed he’s forming a new band, 25 years after quitting Take That.

Speaking on Instagram Live, the 46-year-old told fans he’s teaming up with Australian songwriters Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe for the “passion project”.

The Rock DJ singer said: “Little project that I’ve got going on with a couple of friends of mine, Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe. We’re forming a band everyone.”

“I’ve got songs coming out that will not be under the name of Robbie Williams.”


Robbie also said he wants to perform in venues decorated with artwork he made during the coronavirus lockdown.

He explained: “What I’m gonna do is rent a space, put my art in there. During the day it’ll be a gallery.”

“Then at night I shall be DJing and it will be a musical venue, something the old folks will call a rave. I’ll be on the espressos. Oh yes I will. Quadruple espresso. Doing it old school.”


“I’m very, very excited about this. I want to do it in Berlin. I also want to do it in Tokyo. I wanna do it in several places. Be fun won’t it?”

“It’s one of them things, it’s a passion project. If something happens then great, if not, I’ve just had fun,” he added.

The news comes almost six months after Robbie reunited with Take That for a virtual concert during lockdown.

The 46-year-old, who famously left the group in 1995, joined Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald as they each performed from their own homes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The foursome performed without Jason Orange, who quit the band in 2014.

The charity stream was hosted on CompareTheMeerkat.com’s YouTube channel, to raise money for Nordoff Robbins, a music therapy charity, and Crew Nation, an organisation for crew workers.

The last time Robbie performed with Take That was back in 2018, when they reunited for a performance of Shine at The X Factor live final.