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Rebekah Vardy reveals she reached out to Peter Andre and his wife after crude interview about his manhood

Rebekah Vardy has revealed she reached out to Peter Andre and his wife Emily years after she criticized his manhood in a crude interview.

Earlier this week, the 40-year-old was asked about an interview she gave in 2004 about an alleged sexual encounter with the Mysterious Girl singer during the high-profile Wagatha Christie trial.

Excerpts of the article were read out in court, in which Rebekah said Peter had “the smallest trouser equipment I’ve ever seen”, which she described as a “miniature chipolata”.


In court today, Rebekah’s lawyer Hugh Tomlinson QC returned to the topic of the Peter Andre interview.

He asked the WAG whether the quotes in the article were all from her, to which she replied: “There are a lot of things in there which didn’t come out of my mouth.”

Rebekah said she was very young at the time of the interview, and said: “It’s shameful really, one of my biggest regrets.”

When asked if she has spoken to Peter since the article was published, Rebekah replied: “I haven’t spoken to him but I sent both his wife and him personal messages a couple of years ago.”

Peter and his wife Emily | Instagram

It comes after Peter spoke out about the interview in a video shared to Instagram on Thursday.

He said: “Fifteen years this has been going on and I kept quiet and I didn’t say anything and I let everyone have their laugh and I let everyone say what they wanted to say.”

“Yes, now she has gone to court and admitted that the story was made up and she did that because her ex-husband forced her to do it, fair enough.”

“But put that all aside and just think how that feels, if a man had said this about her anatomy and made up something, you can use your imagination, saying something very unflattering, there would be absolute outrage.”

“But because it has been said about me it’s been the butt of all jokes, I’ve taken it for 15 years. It’s brought up again, the only one that sits there and takes hit after hit about it is me.”

“I’ve been laughing about it for a while but think about how it would feel if it was the other way round, and that’s all I’m saying. Yes, we all know now it’s a made-up story, but it’s a little more serious than that.”

“I think it’s not fair something like this can get brought up again and again and again – we talk about mental health, about being kind, and nothing seems to change, there you go.”

Pete captioned the post: “My thoughts on Rebekah V : Plse swipe to see all three vids. Here I was this morning sat in my robe feeling like I had to say something. Feel free to come to your own conclusion.”

“Just a couple of things first. Sorry to Emily and the children that have had to see and hear some not very nice things. Secondly that ridiculous article yest (about a certain remote control…) was written fifteen years ago and republished yesterday. To be fair the media are very kind to me in general.”

“Thirdly, you all know I like to take the piss out of myself but Maybe I felt a bit vulnerable this morning. Love from an Aussie Brit Greek ♥️♥️♥️”

Rebekah is currently suing Coleen Rooney for libel, after she publicly accused her of leaking “false stories” about her private life in 2019.

In October 2019, the wife of Wayne Rooney claimed she planted false information on her private Instagram page and blocked everyone from her story – except Rebekah’s account.

The mother-of-four said stories about her basement flooding, returning to TV, and gender selection were only viewed by Rebekah’s account – and the false stories all made it into the press.

Coleen believed this was proof that the fellow WAG allegedly sold stories about her private life, but Rebekah has vehemently denied her claims – and is now suing her for libel.

Coleen’s original statement

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