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Peter Andre reveals he’s experiencing lasting symptoms of Covid-19

The singer tested positive for the virus on January 8


Peter Andre has revealed he is experiencing lasting symptoms of coronavirus.

The singer tested positive for Covid-19 on January 8, and detailed his “absolute agony” and extreme exhaustion on his social media.

During his appearance on Good Morning Britain, the 47-year-old revealed he still hasn’t gotten back his sense of smell and is struggling to breathe.

“It’s quite unbelievable because everyone has different symptoms,” he admitted.


“I think one of the key things I wanted to say was don’t ignore your symptoms because they are not all going to be the same, to the point where when I had symptoms I was absolutely convinced that I didn’t have the virus.

“I didn’t have a temperature, I had body aches, I had a cough but it wasn’t as persistent as what I had been told but it was persistent enough that I went and got a test.

“The key thing about that was, once I went and got the test, we self-isolated for 10 days so we knew once we got that positive result, that in that 10 days we could not infect anyone else.

“There was a couple of days, it was very unpleasant but people have had it far worse than me,” he added.

“One of my cousins is still on oxygen now and he was sick before me. It just goes to show that everyone has got different symptoms. You can’t ignore it.

“I still have no sense of smell and I went on a small bike ride yesterday and I was completely puffed out.

“I said to [my wife] Emily, ‘That never happens to me’. It’s a psychological thing, ‘Is it going to get worse at one point?’


“I am 47, I exercise, I feel quite good and yet I have a doctor in the house and had nights where I would wake up and feel like I was finding it hard to breathe. Emily was like, ‘Calm down, a lot of it is anxiety.”‘


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Opening up about his battle in his column for new! magazine, Peter wrote: “One thing I feel is not spoken about enough is the anxiety associated with the virus.

“I’m a 47-year-old guy who trains in the gym and who is generally in good health and I even had moments worrying and thinking ‘how bad is it going to get?’. I can only imagine how some people must feel.

“The kids were so worried about me. I didn’t hug them for 12 days, which was so strange. Millie asked me every day, ‘Can I hug you now?’”

Peter’s wife Emily has been working on the frontline since the start of the pandemic and the couple have been very vocal about their frustration with celebrities breaking lockdown rules.

The Australian singer recently hit out at TOWIE star Lauren Goodger, branding her “careless” and “wrong” following her controversial comments on Covid-19.

Meanwhile his wife Emily hit out at Zara Holland, after she was caught “trying to flee” Barbados with her Covid-positive boyfriend.