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Paige Thorne reveals what her mum REALLY thinks of Adam Collard after leaving Love Island

Paige Thorne has revealed what her mum really thinks of Adam Collard after leaving Love Island.

The 5th place couple recently revealed they had made things official since leaving the villa.

Now, Paige has dished the dirt on what her mum really thinks of her beau, after the savage comments she made about him during the “Meet The Parents” episode.

In the villa, Paige asked her parents what they thought about Adam – only to receive a long, slightly awkward silence from them.

Her mum then interjected to say she “wasn’t buying” them as a couple.

However, her opinion seems to have made a complete U-turn as Paige revealed her mum was now “a hundred per cent” a fan of her beau.

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Speaking on ‘Lorraine’ on Friday, Paige said: “[My mum] absolutely loves [Adam] now.”

“It took all of two minutes when he came down to Swansea, now she is just obsessed.”

The paramedic, who recently announced she was returning to her day job, admitted she threw her beau “in at the deep end” as he met all of her family at once, but she had “no doubt” he would impress them.

“It was nice to get it done,” she said.

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“[Paige’s family] rinsed me – they gave me a grilling,” Adam joked.

The couple appear to be as smitten as ever, and Paige even deleted all traces of her former flame Jacques O’Neill from her Instagram grid.

The former rugby player has come under fire in recent days, after being accused of “mocking” Tasha Ghouri, and “bullying” Remi Lambert.

Tasha and her boyfriend Andrew Le Page have since unfollowed him on Instagram.


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