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Olly Murs admits Caroline Flack documentary was ‘so difficult’ to film – but hopes it inspires ‘change’

The Channel 4 documentary aired earlier this week


Olly Murs has admitted the Caroline Flack documentary was “so difficult” to film, but he hopes the programme will inspire “change”.

In the Channel 4 documentary, which aired on Wednesday, Olly broke down in tears over Caroline’s tragic death, as he recalled their time working together.

The TV presenter was found dead at her home in London on February 15, 2020 at the age of 40, after taking her own life.


Viewers were in tears watching the programme on Wednesday night, but Olly is yet to watch it back.

Speaking to The Mirror after its release, Olly said: “I haven’t actually watched it yet purely on the basis that I’m in The Voice this week and I want to just focus on that.”

“I will watch it all next week on my own and I’ll process it all, because it is so difficult to talk about it and it’s so difficult to even think that I’m talking about someone that I love a lot and she’s not here anymore.”

In the documentary, Olly opened up about the abuse Caroline received on social media when they hosted The X Factor back in 2015.

By sharing the affect those comments had on Caroline, the 36-year-old hopes the film will change the way people act online.

Olly said: “It was important to talk about it was important to – from what I’ve heard from the documentary and what her mum said to me – it’s important if someone is watching that documentary and it could help change someone’s life or change the way someone’s thinking in terms of suicide or in terms of them tweeting something nasty to someone.”

“If it could trigger that moment of thought, going: ‘Actually, I shouldn’t do that. That’s really bad’ or ‘I need to get help if I’m thinking of suicide’ and I think that for me is the powerful message behind that documentary and I’m so proud of Christine and the family.”

The Voice star continued: “I love Caz so much. To talk about her life and our experiences and the fact she is not here any more is so, so difficult.”

“I’m so proud of her mum Christine, and the family. It was hard to be a part of it but I hope it helps change.”