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Myles Stephenson reveals messages he found between Gabby Allen and Dan Osborne ‘really hurt’ him

The singer has claimed Gabby and Dan were messaging each other after they appeared on CBB in 2018


Myles Stephenson has revealed the messages he found between Gabby Allen and Dan Osborne “really hurt” him.

During his stint in the I’m A Celeb jungle, the Rak-Su singer told Dan’s wife Jacqueline Jossa that he found messages on his now ex-girlfriend’s phone from Dan, after they both appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018.

Gabby and Dan were previously accused of hooking up behind Jacqueline’s back, but both stars have vehemently denied the claims.

Shedding light on how bad the messages were, Myles told MailOnline: “After I’d started seeing Gabby. I found some messages from Dan. I found the messages after Big Brother.”

Dan and Gabby on CBB in 2018

“I confronted Gabby about it, and kind of forgave her for what I saw and what I read, because that’s the way I felt at the time. I wanted to forgive. People make mistakes – I’ve always said that.”

When asked what was so incriminating about the messages, Myles said: “I won’t divulge into that, but I found some messages that really hurt me.”

Explaining what led him to tell Jacqueline about the messages during their time in the jungle, Myles said: “She [Jacqueline] tried to ask me on air [about Dan and Gabby], we were in the main camp, and I said: ‘Look, this isn’t the time to talk about this. Nobody needs to know about this.'”

But then Jacqueline pressed Myles again while they were on their way to do a Bushtucker Trial together.

Myles said: “So when we went to do a trial together, we were on our way there and she asked again, and started crying. She said: ‘Look, I need to know for my own sanity.’ And, when there’s someone crying to your face and you’ve got the answers, well, you’ve potentially got information that they wanna know…”


“So I said: ‘Take your mic off.’ We took our mics off, and I explained what the messages said, what I read, word for word.”

“I still remember exactly what they said to this day. I remember them ’til this day. And, I told her what they said. And she was obviously upset.”

“At the same time I said to her: ‘You’ve got to keep a strong face on. Don’t worry about anything out in the big wide world at the moment. This is your moment.'”


“It was at that point that I said: ‘You’re gonna win this programme, and it’s gonna be there time of your life, so don’t let anything ruin it. Don’t make any rash decisions on how you feel now.'”


Myles continued: “We didn’t speak about it again. There were times when she was feeling down and I would just go like that to her [taps chin] and be like ‘keep your chin up.'”

“The way that she was able to just go into a zone and wipe the tears off her eyes and go again was phenomenal.”


“But yeh I told her what I read and what I saw, and I said to her ‘look, make of that what you will. I’ve kind of enlightened you in a way, you can do whatever you want with it,’ I’m not gonna judge her either way.”

“I just reiterated to her: ‘At the end of the day you’ve got two beautiful children. You’re married to Dan, and people do make mistakes.'”

“And I said to her, ‘Make sure that he comes out [to Australia] just so that you can speak about it, because the worst thing to do would be for the girls to come over and Dan’s not there. And then they’re mum’s not there, and there dad’s not there. And that’s the worst thing that you could do.'”


Myles then admitted that Dan asked to speak to him once he was booted out of the jungle.

He said: “Obviously she went through and won it, and I went out early and spoke to Dan. He asked to speak to me.”

“I wanted to speak to him just to let him know that I didn’t tell her on air, firstly. And, that I didn’t tell her out of spite. I genuinely told her just because she became like a sister to me, and I didn’t want him to feel like he’d been mugged off.”


“If Jacq hadn’t confronted me about it, I wouldn’t have told her, genuinely, because I didn’t want it to ruin her experience or potential ruin her relationship.

Myles continued: “I didn’t want him [Dan] to be gazumped and have a million questions thrown at him, because it’s not nice. Having your love life in the public eye is hard, and nobody deserves it.”

“But yeh I just said to Dan: ‘I think you and Jacqueline are a beautiful family,’ and there was no spite out of me telling her.”

The former X Factor also said there’s no tension between him, Dan and Jacqueline now.





He said: “They both came up to me in the Versace the day I was leaving and said ‘all the best, safe flight home,’ and yeh I put up an Instagram post congratulation Jacq before I jumped on the flight.”

“At the end of the day, it’s not my business anymore. I’ve handed over what I know. My conscience is clear.”

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