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Myles Stephenson reveals Kate Garraway asked him to be ‘a big brother’ to her children – as her husband remains in ICU

The pair formed a close bond on I'm A Celebrity


Myles Stephenson has revealed Kate Garraway asked him to be “a big brother” to her two children – as her husband Derek Draper remains in the hospital.

The TV presenter’s husband has been in ICU since the end of March after contracting the coronavirus, and it’s unclear if he will “ever” recover.

Speaking to The Sun about Derek’s illness, Kate’s I’m A Celeb co-star Myles said: “It breaks my heart.”

“I have such a close relationship with them all – including Derek.”


The 28-year-old explained that he would do anything to help Kate during this difficult time.

“Kate knows I am there for her at the drop of a dime – for her and the kids – anything she needs,” he continued.

“She has taken me up on the offer a few times, but I don’t really want to say what she’s asked of.”

“It’s just about looking out for the kids and being a big brother to them,” he said.

“It’s been very hard. All we can do is pray for Derek and pray for Kate and the kids as well.”

Myles proceeded to praise the 52-year-old for her strength, and said: “She’s very independent and strong-minded.”

“She has a lot of willpower. She is a fighter, like Derek. It relays onto the kids as well. I can’t imagine what they are going through,” he added.

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