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Myleene Klass reveals she suffered a miscarriage while presenting her radio show

The 42-year-old admitted she bravely finished the show following the tragic loss


Myleene Klass has revealed she suffered a miscarriage while presenting her radio show.

The mother-of-three has previously opened up about suffering four miscarriages, describing the experience as “traumatising”.

The 42-year-old recalled going to the bathroom while working at a radio station, where she sadly discovered she had lost a baby.

Speaking to You magazine, the singer shared: “I was on air. I went to the loo while the music was playing and there was blood everywhere.”

“I didn’t know what to do. I had one hour left of my show. I rang Lauren Laverne and she said: ‘Do one link, take a breath, come out and call me.’

“She got me through. I did the next link and called her. We counted the links,” Myleene said.

Marking National Baby Loss Awareness Day back in October, Myleene bravely decided to open up about her losses, crediting Chrissy Teigen for giving her the “courage”.

In an emotional Instagram post, she wrote: “I am Mama to 7 babies, Ava, Hero, Apollo my rainbow baby and 4 little stars in the sky.”

Myleene and son Apollo | INSTAGRAM

“I know after my own MC’s how I scoured the internet for stories similar to mine for peace, reassurance. I hope this helps even one lost soul.”

Myleene revealed that the first loss occurred when she started “bleeding heavily” at 10 weeks, admitting: “The scan was the saddest sight I’ve ever seen in my life. The first and last time I saw my baby.


“The feeling is nothing short of traumatic, shock…I woke to emptiness and the horror of what had happened. I felt I’d failed my baby and my partner.”


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Myleene added that the second time was “worse if that’s possible”, after the baby stopped growing at 10 weeks.

“The third, I miscarried at work. The fourth, the loo. Whilst I could get pregnant, there was no explanation for why I couldn’t keep them.”

The presenter described her baby Apollo as a miracle, saying: “He signifies everything good in the world to me, my miracle.”

Myleene concluded the post by writing: “To my friends and Mamas who have experienced this, you are the strongest women I know. Thinking of you today❤”.