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Myleene Klass admits she ‘doesn’t care’ that she’s gained 2 stone

The musician is accepting her body


Myleene Klass has revealed she has gained two stone and isn’t worried about her body during lockdown.

The radio host gave birth to her third child Apollo last August, and revealed she decided not to worry about her weight during lockdown in the UK.

“When I had my first child, I didn’t know what to expect after the birth. I spent so much time trying to ‘get back’ to who I was before pregnancy — both physically and mentally,” she told the Mirror.

The I’m A Celebrity star added that she did feel pressure to get back to her “old self” but decided to accept her body how it is instead.

“This time round, with Apollo, I’m still two stone heavier than I was before pregnancy, but I feel completely relaxed about it.”


Opening up about life in lockdown, Myleene said she and her husband have been divulging in good food and family time.

Myleene and son Apollo | INSTAGRAM

“We had cocktails every night, pie and cheese platters, stayed up late and just enjoyed it. Three weeks in, I was tired of that. I wanted green veg, better sleep and regular exercise.

“I hate working out alone, so we’ve been doing it as a family three times a week,” she added.