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Molly-Mae Hague shuts down Tommy Fury’s hopes of having a large family

The boxer wants to have "four to six kids"


Molly-Mae Hague has shut down Tommy Fury’s hopes of having a large family.

The couple have been dating since they met on Love Island in the summer of 2019.

Taking part in a Q&A on Instagram today, Tommy was asked how many kids he would like to have.

The 21-year-old said: “So, I would love to have 4-6 kids.”

Tommy then panned the camera over to Molly-Mae, as she gave him the middle finger.

Molly later reposted Tommy’s clip on her own Instagram Story, and wrote: “Dream on sunshine.”

The Love Island stars have previously clashed over their plans to start a family, as Molly has made it clear she only wants two kids maximum.

During an episode of ‘Love Island: What Happens Next’ last year, the couple opened up about their plans for the future – which includes marriage and children.

Molly-Mae said: “We are so excited for what the future holds I cannot even explain to you we talk about it every single day.”

Tommy then said: “Yeah, I 100 per cent in 10 years time I would definitely like to see myself married with kids. Four kids, five kids, 20 kids or whatever?”

Clearly shocked by Tommy’s suggestion, the influencer replied, “Five kids?!” and the boxer replied: “Well, yeah, I want an army of kids.”

The 21-year-old then shut down Tommy’s plans to have a big family by saying: “No that’s not happening. We are not doing five kids – two maximum.”

The couple also opened up about the prospect of marriage, and Molly said: “I mean I am literally just waiting for the ring now. No I am joking not just yet…”

“Not just yet, soon, whenever, whenever you want? Now? No, I am joking.”