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Molly-Mae Hague shares the ‘weird’ reason she refused to move into a new house

The 21-year-old is currently house hunting with her boyfriend Tommy Fury


Molly-Mae Hague has admitted her fear of “spirits and ghosts” has ruined her chance to move house with Tommy Fury.

The couple have been searching for their dream home ever since they appeared on Love Island in 2019.

During a Q&A session on Instagram on Thursday night, the 21-year-old was asked for a “house update”.

The influencer replied: “I honestly wish I did have an update for you on this one but honestly I don’t really.”

“It’s been a bit of a nightmare to be honest… We did actually think we semi-found somewhere. But I went and ruined it.”

Molly explained: “I have a massive thing with spirits and ghosts and the aura of a house and how a house feels, if I feel safe there when I’m there by myself, how I feel there at night when all the lights are off and stuff…”

“I’m pretty weird with this kind of stuff. And we kind of found a house, we were really into it and I just didn’t feel… there was just something about it.”

“It just had this sense of – ‘I’m not going to feel ok here by myself.'”

“Basically it’s self sabotage because I just watched way too many horror films, that’s what it is! Don’t let your kids watch horror films,” she laughed.