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Molly-Mae Hague saved young mother’s life after urging her followers to check for lumps

A young mother has revealed Molly-Mae Hague saved her life, after she urged her followers to check their bodies for lumps.

Last year, the Love Island star told fans that she found a lump in her breast, but reassured her followers that it was “completely benign”.

In a YouTube video, the 22-year-old said: “We should always be checking our boobs, checking for lumps so we can make sure they’re all ok and get them removed if needs be.”

The influencer underwent surgery to get the lump removed, and also had a lump on her finger removed.

After watching Molly-Mae’s video, Hannah Bolton decided to check her breasts, and she discovered a solid grape-sized lump on her breast.

The 31-year-old booked a trip to her GP, and visited a hospital breast care centre, where she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

Hannah, who has a three-year-old son, told The Sun: “Molly-Mae’s decision to share that post saved my life. If she hadn’t shared that post I would never have checked my breasts to this very day.”

“I never did, it never crossed my mind,” Hannah admitted. “That lump would still be growing now, it could be really bad by this point if I hadn’t found it.”

“As soon as he [the doctor] got me in the room I said ‘I know you’re giving me bad news’ and he said he was sorry to see me here as young as I am but that it was triple-negative breast cancer.”

“When he said that I just thought about my little boy. I just thought ‘I don’t want to die, my little boy hasn’t got a dad, what’s he going to do without a mum?’ Once I was told I had cancer all I kept thinking was that I was going to die.”

Hannah will undergo surgery to remove the lump in April.

She said: “I hadn’t known anybody at this age to be diagnosed and the doctor told me I was the youngest on the caseload, so that says it all really.”

“This Molly-Mae post was what brought it to light and off the back of that, finding the lump, it was like a sign.”

“My advice is to pick a date and once a month give yourself a thorough check including up to the collarbone. If there are any changes in the breast at all, then get it checked out.”

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