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Molly-Mae Hague reveals the surprising way she deals with fat-shaming trolls

Molly-Mae Hague has revealed the surprising way she deals with fat-shaming trolls.

While most influencers choose to ignore negative comments on social media, the 22-year-old has admitted she prefers to confront online trolls.

Speaking on an upcoming YouTube series called If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, which is hosted by Patricia Bright, Molly said: “Sometimes I’ll actually reply to people that send horrifying DMs.”

The former Love Island star explained: “I’ll just message back and be like, ‘What made you wanna send this DM to me?’

“And then they’ll probably be like, ‘Oh my gosh. Molly-Mae I can’t believe you replied. Love you.’

“Like, this really is crazy. Insane to think that these people were actually just trying to get a rise out of you, they’re trying to get you to reply by sending you a foul message.

“It gives me a little kick. I’m like, ‘This person will never think I’m probably gonna even see this message’.

“But I have seen it and I want to see how they feel now they know that I’ve seen the message of them calling me fat,” she said.

“Their responses always fascinate me. I am so lucky that I have the life that I do now and the people around me that I do.

“My circle is so small and it’s genuinely just filled with people that are super positive and being around Tommy 24/7 is obviously great because those comments… Oh, my goodness.

“He’s so good at dealing with them. Somehow it makes me feel like they just could not matter at all.”

This isn’t the first time Molly-Mae has spoken out about dealing with negative comments online.

Last July, the influencer slammed cruel trolls for body shaming her in the comment section underneath a news article.

At the time, Molly-Mae was in Ibiza with her boyfriend Tommy Fury, and photos of her in a bikini were published by the Daily Mail.

Sadly, the picture piece attracted some nasty comments about Molly’s appearance, and a Twitter user shared a screenshot of the abuse she was getting in the comment section.

Alongside the screenshot, they wrote: “These comments are so vile. ‘Awful’ and ‘lardy’ is apparently how to describe a normal womans body??”

After the tweet started circulating on Twitter, Molly-Mae reposted it, and wrote: “I would genuinely love to know who writes these comments?”

“Like how can you actually write s**t like that and sleep at night? Beyond me,” she added.

Molly received support from her fellow Love Island stars, including Amber Gill.

Amber replied: “They’re actually f***ing weirdos man like who in their right mind would even go to the comment section to say ANYTHING. you have a lush body and tbh I’d love to see what they look like.”

Maura Higgins also reposted Molly’s tweet, and wrote: “BE F**CKING KIND!!!!! How many times do we have to say this?? ????”


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