Molly-Mae Hague pays tribute to her late dog Mr Chai after receiving his ashes

The reality star's dog died back in June - just days after he was transported from Russia


Molly-Mae Hague has paid tribute to her late dog Mr Chai, after receiving his ashes.

Back in June, the Love Island star announced that her Pomeranian puppy had passed away – just days after he was imported from Russia.

In an emotional YouTube video, Molly and her boyfriend Tommy Fury later explained that Mr Chai had a seizure and died because his skull wasn’t formed properly.

Taking to Instagram last night, the 21-year-old shared a photo of a wooden box with Mr Chai’s name on it.

Molly wrote: “Finally got my little babies ashes today. Think about you everyday pup.”

After Mr Chai’s death hit headlines back in June, Molly and Tommy came under fire for having the dog transported from Russia.

A host of celebrities, including Ricky Gervais, subsequently signed a petition to stop dogs being transported from overseas.

The government e-petition, which was started by Lucy Parkinson, currently has over 100k signatures.

Fellow Love Island star Olivia Attwood also hit out at Cheshire-based business Tiffany Puppies, who sold the puppy to Molly-Mae and Tommy.

Taking to Instagram, Olivia told her followers: “Absolutely horrified to learn that ‘Tiffany Puppies’ is back to normal business, selling puppies, conning people, and ensuring the misery of many more puppy farm dogs ????.”

“Do your research guys, don’t buy from 3rd party breeders, and adopt where you can.”

Olivia then revealed that the woman who owns Tiffany Puppies blocked her on Instagram.

Sharing a screenshot of her profile, Olivia wrote: “She’s now blocked me. But make sure you spread the word. Help us to stop people like this!!”

“This is not the first time she has been under investigation for animal cruelty/importing poorly dogs from abroad ????.”

The Love Island star admitted she was offered free puppies following her appearance on the show, and she slammed the breeders for making a profit from the dogs.

“Since I’ve come out of Love Island I’ve had breeders like that message me offering me a free dog like they’re a f***ing pair of shoes or something,” she told her followers.

“It’s just horrendous, and I really don’t want you guys to go and pile on to Molly and Tommy because it’s not about them, they’ve been conned by one of these establishments.”

“At the end of the day if the laws were stricter these establishments wouldn’t be able to operate and then you wouldn’t have these kind of stories.”

The 29-year explained the harrowing “chain of misery” that the animals are forced to endure with these breeders.

“There is no care in that kind of breeding, taking dogs from third parties is purely a money-making industry, and the mothers of these dogs, well if you do some research, their existence is miserable until they can no longer produce puppies and they’re just basically disposed of,” she said.

“So for everyone who’s had a dog from this kind of breeder and goes ‘my dog’s fine’, well good for you, but the whole chain of misery that follows that dog is not fine.”