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Molly-Mae Hague looks furious as she watches clip of Maura Higgins and Tommy Fury flirting on Love Island

The Irish beauty tried to seduce Tommy on Love Island last year


Molly-Mae Hague wasn’t impressed when she watched an unseen video of her boyfriend Tommy Fury and Maura Higgins flirting on Love Island.

In a teaser clip for Love Island: What Happens Next on Thursday, the 21-year-old looked furious as she watched a steamy moment between Maura and Tommy.

Tommy posted the teaser video on his Instagram Story last night, which showed the couple awkwardly watching the footage together.

In the clip, the boxer tries to say something, but Molly snaps back: “Just stop talking Tommy. Because you’re annoying me now.”

When Maura entered the Love Island villa last summer, the Irish beauty had her sights set on Tommy, and tried to initiate a romance with him.

However, Tommy ultimately rejected Maura’s advances and ended up in a relationship with Molly-Mae – which is still going strong.

Since then, Molly-Mae and Maura have become close friends, and the trio regularly hang out together – which has raised some eyebrows in the past.

Back in July, Molly-Mae addressed her fans’ concerns over Maura hanging out with Tommy.

During a Q&A session on Instagram, Molly was asked if she’s watched back scenes of Maura and Tommy flirting on Love Island.

The 21-year-old replied: “Yes I have, and I’ve had so many messages and seen so many articles about Maura being here and hanging with me and Tommy and stuff…”


“But you guys need to understand that it’s really OK. When that Maura and Tommy situation happened in Love Island, me and Maura didn’t even know each other then, we weren’t even friends.”

“It’s a different story if it’s your mate, Jesus that’s a no go. It’s really not deep, we weren’t friends when it happened.”

Molly went on to joke that while it was OK back then, she wouldn’t be happy if Maura “tried to go for him now”.

She added: “But yeah guys don’t stress about that one, Tommy and Maura are like brother and sister now.”

“I know it seems weird to some of you guys and I get that some of you find it weird, but for us three it’s really not, we’re literally like best mates.”

Love Island: What Happens Next airs tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.