Molly-Mae Hague hits back at claims she’s feuding with her Love Island co-stars

The reality star recently came under fire for not inviting Yewande Biala to her PLT launch party


Molly-Mae Hague has hit back at claims that she’s feuding with a number of her Love Island co-stars – particularly Irish scientist Yewande Biala.

Earlier this month, Yewande and fellow Islander Anna Vakili revealed that Molly didn’t invite Yewande to her PrettyLittleThing launch party on Instagram.

Their revelation sparked rumours of a huge feud between them, but Molly has insisted that that isn’t the case.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “At the end of the day, I invited people to the party that I was really close with in the villa, it was nothing against Yewande – I think she is a great girl.”

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“I wasn’t close to her and she would admit that herself, it would be wrong for her to say that we were because we barely spoke, we weren’t in the same group.

“Her, Anna and Amber were very close and that is just how it was, it was never out of malice that I didn’t invite her,” she said.

“Me and Maura were so close in the villa and we barely have time to speak since coming out, so people like Yewande, who I wasn’t even close with… It’s not something that you would really prioritise and it’s like that with a lot of people since coming out of the villa, there’s a lot of people I don’t speak to.”

“I definitely don’t want Yewande to think anything was nasty from me on that point because it wasn’t, and I was upset to see that she was a bit upset by it, I didn’t think that she would be,” Molly explained.


When asked whether she has apologised to Yewande for not inviting her, she said: “I didn’t reach out, I think she knows there was nothing nasty from me.”

“She wasn’t in the villa long, we didn’t spend much time together, we didn’t speak since coming out of the villa… I didn’t feel like I needed to.”


Aside from Yewande, Molly has also been accused of feuding with Lucie Donlan, Belle Hassan, and Anton Danyluk.

But the 20-year-old has insisted, “I am the least argumentative person on the planet, all the feuds are absolute rubbish.”

“I have not had one argument with anyone since leaving Love Island, everybody has been great. I am still friends with everyone, I am still supportive of everyone, we will always back each other 100%.”

The influencer recently jetted to Las Vegas with her Love Island beau Tommy Fury, to see his boxing champ brother Tyson’s big fight.

While they were there, photos emerged of Molly appearing to look “frightened” of Tyson – but the blonde beauty has insisted that he’s “lovely”.


“Everyone was saying I am frightened of him because there was this photo of me and it is so embarrassing – he is absolutely lovely, we had a great conversation,” she explained.

“He is Tommy’s brother, I have nothing to be afraid of. Tyson was lovely, his whole family are lovely.

“He is a completely normal person – he is Tommy’s half-brother at the end of the day, he is family and I am in that family now, so he is just someone that I spend time with now – it’s not anyone I need to be frightened of!”

“Tommy’s family are so, so nice – they have really welcomed me in,” she added.