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Michelle Keegan admits long-distance marriage to Mark Wright was ‘really tough’

The pair were plagued by split rumours when they were forced to live apart for months


Michelle Keegan has admitted her long-distance marriage to Mark Wright was “really tough”.

The couple, who wed in 2015, were forced to spend months apart while Michelle was filming BBC’s Our Girl in Malaysia, and Mark was in LA working for Extra.

During an upcoming appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, the actress recalled: “He got the job in LA while I was in Malaysia [filming Our Girl].”

“We were apart for about four months. It was really tough.”


“People said, ‘How did you deal with it?’ and stuff. Thank God for FaceTime and things like that.”

The 32-year-old also spoke about her plans to start a family with Mark, and said her mum has been pressuring her to have a baby.

Michelle said: “Not yet. Everyone always asks that question. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting any younger.”

“My mum is on it as well. No plans yet, but we definitely do want children in the future.”


Michelle’s comments come after she recently admitted she hates being asked about having kids constantly.

She told The Sun: “It’s horrible. It’s like, ‘You’re 32. Are you not planning to have a baby yet?'”

“People don’t know if we’re trying. They don’t know the background of what’s happening. It’s no one else’s business. In this day and age you shouldn’t ask questions like that.

“I’m asked purely because I’m a woman. But I’m immune to it now — it’s like a reaction and as soon as I hear it I brush it off, as it’s no one else’s business,” she added.